I want to put a ding in the universe. Steve Jobs

An all-round web aficionado with over 13 years of coding experience looking to work on exciting projects with exciting clients. Full of energy, experience, hard work and enthusiasm, always up for a new challenge and with a desire to work at the heart of any modern industry.
I see technology as a way of facilitating and improving communication between people and I believe that people come before technology.



apr 2020 - current
Linux, Symfony/PHP, OracleSQL, Chef/Puppet

Senior Software Engineer

Part of the Software Engineering Group within the MasterCard Payment Gateway Services division, collaborating with internal customers across the globe.

  • Provide technical expertise for payment and mission critical transaction processing systems.
  • Collaborate with team members and internal stakeholders to ensure customer needs.
  • Collaborate with Operations to ensure successful production deployment of software.
oct 2016 - apr 2020
The Irish Times
Linux, Zend/Symfony/PHP, Angular, Vagrant/Ansible

Senior PHP Developer

Part of the development team, building new features and enhanced functionality for The Irish Times digital platforms. In charge of the API development project and automation.

  • Recommended and implemented an Internal API using Symfony 4 along with CI via Jenkins
  • Re-designed development environment in Vagrant and set up server automation via Ansible
  • Put in place code reviews via BitBucket by changing the main repository to Git
may 2015 - nov 2016
Linux, AWS, Zend/Apigility/PHP, OracleSQL, Chef, Vagrant

Software Engineer

Part of the development team looking after the API powering iOS and Android applications.

  • Part of the API team developed in Zend Apigility and used to drive the Android and iOS apps
  • Update communication with Oracle DB using Thrift as a bridge between Java and PHP
  • Developed an internal dashboard in Ruby to display the live global orders
sep 2012 - mar 2015
Laravel/PHP, ColdFusion, MSSQL, Javascript/jQuery, Redis, Solr

Web Developer

Involved with the technical and graphical aspects of web applications and API development. I was also involved with the maintenance and update of white labels.

  • Started as a junior developer working with ColdFusion and PHP on existing legacy code
  • Built the internal API in Laravel used in the Android and iOS applications
  • Worked on project like dynamic marketing email templates, landing pages, reports and many more
Started in 2010
Musashi Dublin
Website, Consulting since 2012
Web Apps, Consulting since 2013

Freelancing & Consulting

Started around the idea that a company will be known based on the image they have on the internet. Over the years I managed to work with numerous clients some of which are loyal to me to this day. I mainly do consulting these days but I sometimes venture towards other services as well.

  • Use of marketing techniques to obtain new clients and manage their prospects and inquiries
  • Design and develop websites or web applications based on a client's ideas and/or requirements
2 years
MkM Direct / Dead Sea / D7 / Translations.ie / Word Perfect
2 years experience

Team Leader / Sales Agent, Interpreter, Service Desk Operator

  • Sell products or services on events, B2C and B2B for clients like: DeadSea, Energia, Vodafone
  • Promoted to team leader managing a team of ever-growing Sales Distributors
  • Irish owned companies of interpretation and translation services
3 years
Class-IT Outsourcing
2007 - 2008
Interactive SBC
2008 - 2010

System Administrator

I was responsible for effective provisioning, installation/configuration, operation, and maintenance of systems hardware and software and related infrastructure.

  • IBM Certification · Site Protector IS601v1.0 with a result of 88% (6 May 2010)
  • IBM Certification · Advanced Site Protector IS521v1.0 with a result of 94% (11 May 2010)
  • IBM Certification · Network Intrusion Prevention IS610v1.0 with a result of 92% (13 May 2010)
  • IBM Certification · Multi-Function IS620v1.0 with a result of 96% (15 May 2010)


2007 - 2010
Bucharest, Romania
3 years, 180 ECTS

Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic IT - Romanian-American University

  • Dissertation with a result of 90%
  • Economic IT - Bachelor's Degree with a result of 83%
2002 - 2006
Tecuci, Romania

National College Calistrat Hogas

  • High School Graduation Certificate with a result of 82.5%
  • PC Operator Certificate with a result of 100%



people mastery
» Mind: Extraverted 63.5%
» Energy: Intuitive 61.5%
» Nature: Thinking 68%
» Tactics: Judging 52.5%
» Identity: Assertive 84.5%


extensive knowledge


extensive knowledge











Personal Traits
» Highly Competent
» Sensible and Practical
» Approachable and Friendly
» Helpful and Handy
» Highly organized
» Keen Attention to Detail
» Strong Problem Solver
» Strong Communication
» Intuitive
» Knowledgeable
» Flexible
» Adaptable
  • Detail-oriented, methodical, perfectionist and adaptable to work well in a team
  • Excellent problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills
  • Comfortable working in an Agile/Lean way
  • Googling better than the average bear
  • Handle direct client communication and develop new product specifications
  • Function well in a fast-paced, informal environment where constant change is the norm
  • Excellent knowledge of object-oriented back end development with a focus on PHP
  • Fixing, in average, more bugs than able to create
  • Great with Windows and Unix operating systems and command line tools
  • Frontend Web Development - Strong experience with HTML5, CSS3, JS/jQuery, Angular
  • "Automate everything!" mentality using tools like Puppet, Chef and, my favorite, Ansible
  • TDD, building CI/CD systems and defining pipelines via Jenkins
  • Experience with caching tools and techniques (Memcached, Redis and Elasticsearch)
  • Solid foundation in database technology such as MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle SQL
  • Solid understanding of SCM principles working with a modern solution such as GIT or Subversion
  • Desire to stay up to date on current and new technologies and how to use them to best effect


» Coding, Coding, Coding
» Mentoring & Consulting
» Project Management
» Research & Development
» Brand Creation
  • Guided multiple projects from initial requirements gathering right up to deployment, working with the team and all stakeholders along the way.
  • Developed and maintain enterprise-grade RESTful Web APIs with well designed, testable, maintainable, secure and efficient code using most popular frameworks.
  • Started as a freelance developer working with numerous clients, many of which are still my friends to this day, performing web related work for over a year.
  • Single-handedly managed the successful upgrade and deployment of new AI driven environment illumination system with zero cost overruns and zero safety incidents.